Therapeutic Massage

For Help in Releasing the Body's Aches & Pains you need a firmer styled Massage. Using a combination of Techniques by a Senior Therapist to identify & manage your bodies pain. A  Therapeutic Massage will asses your bodies' Pain level & alignment allowing the Therapist to smooth out your tight muscles & Improve the Body's Range of Movement.

relaxation massage

For those who need to unwind & relax. A Relaxation/ Swedish style massage, using long flowing movements to relax the mind, body & soul. A Massage is great on its own or added into any Pampering Package, it will leave you feeling totally relaxed & fabulous.


hot rock massage

A Sensational combination of Heat & Massage, whether its to Relax or Release Muscle Tightness, The Hot Rock Massage will Melt the Tension away leaving your body in total Zen.  

drug free pain relief

100% Drug-Free Pain Relief Technology to relieve and manage your pain. Key Therapy; a noninvasive alternative to pain medication gives fast, effective and sustained pain relief from acute, chronic, postoperative or sports injury pain.”  


Relax and unwind with a face, scalp, neck and foot massage

All Massages & Packages are  available as Dual treatments    
pre natal massage

As the body changes & the belly grows through Pregnancy every woman needs a little TLC to help her feel more comfortable with her changing Body.

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