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Is your body aching all the time? Feel like you need a week at the Spa to rejuvenate your Skin?

Then why not book one of our Maintenance Regime Packages.

Choose any one hour treatment in Regime Block.


* First appointment is at Spa Menu, following appointments at discounted rate.

* Regime Blocks must be booked in advance, containing 4 consecutive appointments.

* If an appointment is cancelled, your next appointment reverts back to the Spa Menu.

​Prevention is better than cure.

 'It is better to try to keep a bad thing from happening than it is to fix the bad thing once it has happened.'

detox infrared sauna

There is nothing like the soothing heat of a sauna to open up your pores and flush away your worries. Muscles relax, toxins release and the mind becomes clear. Taking a regular sauna is reported to: Improve the immune system Relieve joint and muscle pain Improve blood flow and circulation Assist people with sleep disorders

Apart from the therapeutic benefits of a sauna or spa there's the chance to just relax and feel good.

(Weekly & Monthly Sauna Pass is based off 1/2hr Sauna Session)

spray tans

Wash off after 2hrs

Tanning has never looked this good. Made using Natural ingredients Sunescape provides a Natural Bronzed Glow.

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